The leaders in Boston nightlife, hospitality and entertainment

PASHA is a full service entertainment company designed with the goal of offering an exceptional experience to our clientele. We operate several of the poshest nightlife, restaurant and bar destinations in Boston.  At PASHA we believe that only the best is good enough, a philosophy that is reflected in our beautifully designed venues, stylish branding and incredible staff. Whether you’re seeking great parties, the hottest DJs, live music, craft cocktails or delicious cuisine, our locations have what you’re looking for.

PASHA also staffs a talented and dedicated event coordination team. We plan celebrations and get togethers of all sizes and have the expertise to make sure that the ambiance, music, dining and libations are perfectly suited to the occasion and that your special event is executed flawlessly. For club goers, drink snobs, foodies, music lovers and everyone in between, PASHA Entertainment offers the best of Boston and has an incredible experience waiting for you.