Think of Hava as where Mozart would get wild in Boston with a gaggle of his fellow rapscallions (and possibly a few saucy mezzo-sopranos)

The interior of Hava was designed by well-known interior designer, John Stefanon of JFS Design Studio. The design aesthetics of Hava were drawn from a strong focus on history and mood. Originally designed to be the ladies’ lounge and orchestra area to the theater this uniquely beautiful space called for an understated elegance evocative of the period.

Finished with a “Victorian Chic” design, the glamorized cues of Hava are evident from the moment you step in. Bold dramatic statements of shapes and patterns with a subtle, sophisticated color palette, balance and juxtapose each other in Jing-Jang form to bring a unique vibe to this historical Boston gem.

Hava’s mood is enhanced as you transition from the Main Lounge to the Back Lounge and a more surreal aesthetic introduces what use to be the orchestra pit area. The inspiration of “moths drawn to a flame” called for dim lighting and elements were selected to transport patrons into a warm summer night on the streets of Shanghai – or a faraway fantasy location.

Both lounges were created to bring an exciting movement within time and fantasy.


246 Tremont St.
Boston MA 02116
(617) 695-2250