A Leap of Faith: Griz Comes Out to the Public

While contributing to social evolution has always been a part of Griz’s artistic agenda, the world-famous DJ and musician contributed to the effort more personally this week when he came out as gay. A massive name and presence within the electronic music community, Griz’s combination

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Kingston Grille & Bar – One Year Anniversary

Last month, PASHA Entertainment celebrated the one year anniversary of our one of a kind gem Kingston Grille & Bar. Kingston was born from the desire to create a multidimensional dining experience that satisfies everything patrons are seeking. With this goal in mind, Kingston Grille

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DAYBREAKER at Cure Lounge: SunDAYBREAKER Beach Bash

This Sunday DAYBREAKER is hosting SunDAYBREAKER Beach Bash at Cure Lounge – and you should be there.  At a time when we seem more focused than ever on health, spiritual development and community values it’s no surprise that DAYBREAKER parties caught on in a flash.

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