This Sunday DAYBREAKER is hosting SunDAYBREAKER Beach Bash at Cure Lounge – and you should be there.  At a time when we seem more focused than ever on health, spiritual development and community values it’s no surprise that DAYBREAKER parties caught on in a flash. DAYBREAKER brings people together early in the morning for events that often combine physical exercise and a bumping party. Besides their early start time and health forward agenda, what sets DAYBREAKER apart is that often these parties take place immediately before attendees start a day of work. Instead of dragging your feet on the treadmill, DAYBREAKER is all about starting your day off on the right foot. Companies and individuals alike have become increasingly determined to create work environments that foster positive employee relationships, mental and physical health, and the avoidance of boredom and fatigue. Any office that hopes to appeal to millennials has long-since abandoned the rows of gray cubicles and unhealthy vending machines and replaced them with open format office plans, standing desks, and the ever-present foosball or ping-pong table. Gone are the days of sterile wall colors and closed off offices as colorful hanging art and windows instead of walls seem to be becoming the norm.



DAYBREAKER arrived on the scene at the perfect time to both join and encourage this revolution of the work-a-day world. If doing yoga to deep house before having an all-out dance party doesn’t help boost your mood and your performance at work that day, I don’t know what will. The DAYBREAKER team has partnered with health food and drink companies all over the country to make their products available at their events. Organic this, energy boosting that -health bars, breakfast treats, and beverages that encourage the healthy, happy lifestyle that the company encourages are a constant presence. In this sense, not only is DAYBREAKERchallenging the idea of an average workday schedule, which might more commonly include hitting snooze twelve times before making coffee as opposed to rocking out with lasers, they are also challenging the average conception of a party. While we all know that a social life is an important part of being a healthy person, going out is often associated with drinking, sleep deprivation, and stretching out heel induced calf cramps for two days afterwards. The themes for DAYBREAKERparties range from pajama onesies to beach ware and everything in between. That means partying in your most comfortable clothes, not your least. While club scenes can often feel hierarchical and cliquey the DAYBREAKER team puts huge focus on bringing everyone together whether it’s by playing a game of volleyball or starting a spirited call and response.

“Wake up and dance” are the four words that meet you on DAYBREAKER’s online homepage and you might join them to dance in a club, on a boat, or even Fenway Park. This week the place to join them is at Cure Lounge! DAYBREAKER parties are back in Boston, MA to host an incredible morning yoga session followed by a beach themed dance party. Cure Lounge is regaled as one of Boston’s most stylish and relevant nightlife destinations and this Sunday we will open our doors at 9 AM for a session of yoga set to thumping house before attendees groove to their hearts’ content. This is a SunDAYBREAKER which means if you haven’t attended a DAYBREAKER party before and are a little nervous about the workday to follow, this is the perfect starter bash. The event begins at 9 AM and ends at noon on a not so lazy Sunday morning. There will be tiki torches, glow gear, Hawaiian shirts and everything else that will make you feel like it’s 90 degrees out in the spring time. You’ll work up as much energy as you burn and, lucky for you, can return to Cure Lounge in the evening if you want to balance your beach dress morning with a club dress night. DDAYBREAKER means a mindful, comfortable, and wild AM experience where you’ll get your workout and your turn up. Join us this Sunday and my guess is you’ll then be joining their mailing list to be alerted to every incredible DAYBREAKER event that comes to Boston!